Votus is a civic tech company dedicated to connecting constituents & decision makers.

We use data mining and digital technology to enhance engagement

We provide a number of services connected to data analytics and digital engagement such as social listening services, demographic research, and voter outreach. We strive to help decision makers understand their constituents politically, geographically, and digitally.



Civic Data and Engagement Reports Headline

We mine all available public data sources and create custom data reports to deliver organizations actionable insights. Customers use our data reports for donor analytics, social media analytics, social listening, messaging, and more.

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Digital Targeting Services

Most civic organizations have a specific population segment they want to reach. Votus can help you ensure you connect your content to your targets. This also includes helping organizations analyze and create target segment from their own data.

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Our Process: Collect, Clarify, Connect

Our data mining approach is a three step process: 1) We collect  public data relevant to the customer’s needs along with their own existing data; 2) We distill that information into analytics to help us determine who their supporters are and what they care about; 3) We use those analytics to connect to targets geographically, politically, and digitally.

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